About Atman Retreat

Psychedelics are known to produce profound, meaningful, transformative experiences when used in a safe and intentional manner.1 However, many people don’t have access to psychedelics, or to a safe setting within which to use them. Others simply don’t want to break the law. Until we adopt more compassionate, evidence-based drug policy, there are few ways for people to experience these extraordinary states of consciousness safely and legally. Atman Retreat exists to fill this gap.


Our core mission is to help people explore the full potential of the psychedelic experience, in all its healing, transformative, and transcendent qualities. Retreats are held in Jamaica, where psilocybin mushrooms are legal. Participants stay at a spacious villa, with comfortable rooms and a scenic private beachfront. Our team of experienced facilitators is passionate about creating space for inner transformation, insight, and breakthroughs.

Whether you’re completely new to psychedelics, or a seasoned psychonaut interested in a different kind of journey, Atman Retreat is a complete 4-day experience that allows you to explore psychedelics safely, legally, and in a setting designed to maximize their benefits.

When you feel ready, you can apply here. Read more about our team below, and we hope to see you soon on a retreat!

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Kate Becker, MSW, RYT


Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy, EMDR Therapy and yoga all appeal to me because these therapies help people reach deeper levels within themselves and find their ability to heal. There is a letting go and self-processing that provides a foundation for seeing from new vantage points, and an expanded consciousness of a one’s story, life, and experience of being.

The body and mind provide protection from harm long after the threat is gone, leaving us in limited cycles of thoughts and feelings. Mind expanding therapies allow the body to process the past, experience safety and peace in the present, and manage adversity in the future. Being witness and providing the support to people as they venture through is truly an honor and privilege.

I learned Transcendental Meditation when I was just 10 years old and I didn’t realize at the time how it would change the trajectory of my life. Meditation has provided me momentary calm in the face of tragedy, and at other times in my life a complete sense of serenity. And still there are days I can’t calm my mind. That’s when I rely on yoga postures, mantras, connecting with my pets and the environment to find balance.

Early in my professional career, I worked in New York City in advertising and marketing research. I loved the work, but I could feel that something was missing and that was my need work with people. A little soul searching brought me back to the career I’d wanted to pursue when I was in college, so I went graduate school received my MSW at UCONN. After graduate school, I enthusiastically attended numerous post-graduate courses including EMDR Therapy, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, a yearlong training in dissociation, many addiction trainings, as well as becoming a registered yoga teacher.

The promising research on psychedelics along with personal experiences years ago inspired me to become trained in Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy. I volunteered with MAPS and attended their week-long training in MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy, and also participated in a Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy training.

I have over ten years of experience working in several different settings including outpatient mental health, substance abuse treatment and hospice, as well as extensive training and experience in Motivational Interviewing and Trauma, P.T.S.D. and Addiction treatment.