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The Research-Backed Benefits of Psilocybin Retreats

By Sam Woolfe & The Atman Retreat Team /// November 16, 2022

Research on psychedelic therapy has been promising so far. Studies from institutions such as Imperial College London, Johns Hopkins, and NYU have found that two sessions with psilocybin plus psychological support can help alleviate various forms of emotional distress.

Because of the burgeoning research in this field, and the influx of media surrounding it, some people might have the impression that a psychedelic experience in a clinical or research context is the only safe and reliable way to experience the healing and transformative benefits of psychedelics.

However, psilocybin retreat participants often report the same sorts of changes as those seen in clinical trials. Moreover, many people aren’t aware that there is a growing body of evidence to support these claims.

Let’s explore what the latest research has to say about psilocybin retreats and then compare these findings to those of clinical trials.

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