About Atman Retreat

Psychedelics are known to produce profound, meaningful, transformative experiences when used in a safe and intentional manner.1 However, many people don’t have access to psychedelics, or to a safe setting within which to use them. Others simply don’t want to break the law. Until we adopt more compassionate, evidence-based drug policy, there are few ways for people to experience these extraordinary states of consciousness safely and legally. Atman Retreat exists to fill this gap.


Our core mission is to help people explore the full potential of the psychedelic experience, in all its healing, transformative, and transcendent qualities. Retreats are held in Jamaica, where psilocybin mushrooms are legal. Participants stay at a spacious villa, with comfortable rooms and a scenic private beachfront. Our team of experienced facilitators is passionate about creating space for inner transformation, insight, and breakthroughs.

Whether you’re completely new to psychedelics, or a seasoned psychonaut interested in a different kind of journey, Atman Retreat is a complete 4-day experience that allows you to explore psychedelics safely, legally, and in a setting designed to maximize their benefits.

When you feel ready, you can apply here. Read more about our team below, and we hope to see you soon on a retreat!

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Aaron Nesmith-Beck


Over the past dozen years through personal experience, anecdotal evidence, and a growing body of scientific research, it’s become clear to me that psychedelics are uniquely powerful tools for creating profound, positive change in people’s lives.

Psychedelics have long played an important role in my own life. I had my first psilocybin experience at 16, and it deeply shifted my sense of self worth as a young person. Further psychedelic experiences through my later teens and early twenties helped me solve personal problems, improve relationships, and provided me with insights into the world and the nature of my own mind I otherwise never would have had.

Towards the end of my undergraduate degree at McGill University, I discovered psychedelic research, in particular the MAPS MDMA trials and psilocybin studies at Johns Hopkins. The prospect of a level-headed, evidence-based return of psychedelics to our culture was incredibly exciting. What good luck, I thought, to be alive right at the time of the “psychedelic renaissance”.

After university I spent three years travelling, living abroad, and working remotely. During this time I’d write about personal development, spirituality, and psychedelics on my blog, Freedom and Fulfilment, which has now reached almost a million people worldwide. My interest in psychedelics grew over this time, along with the belief that increasing access to high quality psychedelic experiences could be deeply impactful in a positive way.

In mid-2018, I started putting together the pieces of what would become Atman Retreat. I’m fortunate enough to have had support from some very smart, competent people, and to have found an exceptional group of facilitators along the way. We’re honored to offer the opportunity for people to explore the full potential of psychedelics in a safe, legal way.

Today I’m based in Toronto, Canada. I’m also a regular meditator, and have been practicing for over 9 years. Other interests include applied ethics, personality psychology, transpersonal psychology, yoga, and nonduality.

Thanks for visiting, and we hope to see you soon on a retreat!