Atman Retreat Launches September 2019 Dates; Low-Income Ticket Program

July 29, 2019
By Aaron

Atman Retreat launched in June 2019 with two fully booked retreats. Our first retreats were exciting, novel, intense, engaging, and a huge learning experience. Overall things went very well. We handed out feedback forms on the last day, and here’s what some participants had to say:

“An amazing experience – truly life changing. There was a good balance of activities and free time. The best part was the facilitators – every person brought their own flavor to Atman and it made a great soup. Most surprising was how great the group vibe was. I didn’t expect everyone to get along so well. Thank you so much for providing this experience. Wishing y’all (and all future groups) the best!”

— Sarah, Atman Retreat June 5-8, 2019

“The retreat was very well planned. Many details were incorporated into the overall experience. Beautiful setting and delicious food. The feeling of safety and being cared for was pleasing. The facilitators were available at all times and very caring. The bonds with the other participants was unexpected and very nice :). Thank you – in deep gratitude!”

— Dineen, Atman Retreat June 5-8, 2019

“Soulful experience. Sense of community and love. Well organized with qualified people to help during and after. Amazing food. There was always support and everything was welcomed. Wasn’t expecting to feel so connected to the event, venue and people. Thank you :)”

— Ella S., Atman Retreat June 5-8, 2019

“I had an amazing time. It greatly exceeded my expectations. The location, team, staff and participants were amazing. The ceremony was so transformative for me. The people/group was so special.”

— Stephanie, Atman Retreat June 5-8, 2019

(You can read more testimonials at the bottom of the homepage under “What People Are Saying About Atman Retreat”)

Personally, I found it amazing to watch the facilitators skillfully interact with people in their sensitive psychedelic state. During the integration circles I was struck by the depth and range of experiences psilocybin can offer. Our follow-up calls with participants confirmed that the benefits of psilocybin can be – as psychedelic researchers like to say – “substantial and sustained”.

September 2019 Retreat Applications Now Open

We are excited to open applications for our next retreats, taking place on September 23-26 and 27-30, 2019. We’ve already received a number of applications, and expect these spaces to fill up quickly. You can apply to attend here.

We’ve also restructured the retreat offering by introducing tiered pricing. Pricing is now based on room size, shared vs. private rooms, and amenities. The new Venue & Accommodations page includes more information on room options.

Introducing New Low-Income Ticket Program

We’re very happy to announce the introduction of a new low-income ticket program for Atman Retreat. Low-income tickets are priced at $395 USD, and allotted to those with limited financial means. To apply for a low-income ticket, simply indicate your preference when asked on the application form. You’ll then be asked to answer a few additional questions about your financial situation.

There are a limited number of low-income tickets available for each retreat group, and we ask that you only apply to the program if it is your only realistic option for attending the retreat.

We see this program as an important step to addressing structural barriers to psychedelic experiences, financial and otherwise. We understand there is much more work to be done here, and look forward to taking further steps in this direction in the future.


Having followed this space for a number of years, it’s incredible for me to see the amount of interest and activity around psychedelics today. At the Psychedelic Science 2017 conference, I had a strong sense that this movement was beginning to snowball. Today, the psychedelic renaissance is well under way and we – along with many others – are happily riding the wave.

As we learn more about the range of benefits psilocybin and other substances can provide, and the range of ailments faced by individuals and our culture at large, the need for this has perhaps never been greater.

We remain grateful to be able to offer something so many people are seeking. We plan to be able to offer this experience to many more people, and are exploring options for growing the retreat to meet the growing demand.

Moving forward, we hold the excitement and enthusiasm along with a requisite caution and sense of responsibility, not to be taken lightly. We are working with powerful stuff.

Thanks for reading, until next time.

Aaron Nesmith-Beck
Founder, Atman Retreat

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